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Proper, necessary Military vision of future requires utmost realism: things MUST get worse, before possible getting better....

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Life Sucks (Greek Tragedy), Never Forget, Basic Nature Of Determinist, CYCLIC Reality
(Apollonian, 14 Nov 15)

Well, perhaps could it (looming and on-going cultural/economic disaster) be because people here are as stupid as u inasmuch as u think there are "good" kikes?  See below-copied.

Remember the way populations typically are arranged, configurated, and structured, esp. for "Decline of the West," by Oswald Spengler: MOST people are goons, scum, fools, TV and entertainment addicts, and morons who merely go however the wind blows--like u, right? (a)

(b), Then u have the polar ends of the "spectrum," so to speak, the satanists and kikes at one end, the good, brave, heroic anti-semites at the other, these factions being mere minorities in the scheme of things, but, under circumstances, the kike-lovers (like u) prevailing as they have the cultural instruments by which to enforce and induce it all, esp. the central-banking legalized COUNTERFEIT machine churning-out that "funny-money" (but really "currency"--see and for expo) which is what leads, induces, motivates, and suckers the sheep of the "middle," like u, for instance.

And to observe hist., we see nothing can stand in the way of a still-successful and functioning central-bank operation, esp. long as the goons continue to accepting the currency for goods and svcs. Things must continue to trend in ever-worsening fashion.

For CYCLIC history is DETERMINISTIC, not subject to "free will" which isn't perfect, excepting only God, and practically the only instance known in hist. whence the cultural corruption and "decline" was even interrupted briefly was magnificent Christian revolution of early 4th cent. under our dear hero and Saint, Constantine the Great.

Hence, realistically and practically, only thing that can and must happen is that as the culture/economy gets progressively worse for conditions, (a) the inferiors and weakling scum die out, (b) and the remnant start to beginning to gaining a clue for real nature of the anti-human satanists, led by kike filth.

Thus it is we heroic, brave, and virtuous Christian soldiers and heroes continue to preach anti-semitism, thus Christianity in general, worship of TRUTH (= Christ, Gosp. JOHN 14:6), above all/any, and additionally, more specifically, necessity of HONEST money (not currency), hence gold/silver, strict rule-of-law, US Constitution, esp. 10th Amendment, states-rights, nullification, secession, primacy of local gov., etc.

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Dr November 13, 2015 at 6:39 PM

The book as far as I know only only includes one dunce-like mistake and that is mine. I had the shadows at the school showing as early morning, In fact they show the previous evening, the 13th. That as far as I know is the one mistake that factually exists. And I am the one to blame for that but in that mistake coming out, it becomes a fact that the images were taken the day before the "exercise". But doesn't it say something that a dunce like me finds these things in images available to the whole world? What are you people doing, watching the ship sink? And now Bill's doormat steps up to pretend she is worthy of the presidency and just about entitled to it? What are you, amnesiacs as well as blind? Wake up, please the rest of the world is watching. Your president is a megalomaniac narcissist and inveterate liar. We all can see this from a great distance. How come you can't see what is in front of your nose.

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