Wednesday, November 4, 2015

"Vatican" has dis-qualified itself fm leadership of Church, addicted to gross corruption, satanism, subjectivism....

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Revolutionary Church Must Preach Holy Spirit Of Reason AND HONESTY, Above All
(Apollonian 4 Nov 15)

Indeed, the addiction to corruption by Vatican power disables the Vatican fm proper, necessary leadership of the Church, properly understood, the Church being that institution for protection of the people, the Church antecedent to active military operations necessary for preserving the people.

And now observe satanic powers literally invading Europe w. the hordes of hostile, alien, largely Muslim foreigners, the Vatican not only paralyzed, but actually helping to make way for destruction of the Western, European, and Christian people--and then all people everywhere, humanity itself.

Thus Church functions must be taken-up by members of the laity who will then now, soon as possible, institute new leadership for that Church consisting of the Christian people. Thus must the satanic power be identified, first of all: they are the extreme subjectivists who make themselves God by declaring reality to be merely what they want it to be--(extreme) subjectivism.

Of course children are subjectivistic, but not of extreme sort. Thus the real satanists are selectively subjectivistic (a), and (b) they're HIGHLY ORGANIZED fm the core. Further, though top Satanists are subjectivist and extreme, yet they're selective, and actually quite clever as they maintain strategic control over the PRIMARY existential (practical) weapon, CENTRAL-BANKING legalized counterfeiting which gives them all their existential/practical power to dominate the society, not merely overcoming such as the Vatican, but actually co-opting it, using it for their satanic purposes. Thus we see Vatican has been turned very much into a club of mindless homosexuals who now dominate overwhelmingly, Christian people left to perish in confusion.

So the Vatican must simply be by-passed by a real Church leadership working fm the philosophy of New Test. literature--which isn't difficult.

This new, revolutionary Church leadership then must make use of such as US Constitution, 10th Amendment thereof, states-rights, nullification, and emphasis upon local gov. and rights of the individual, and especially, reversion to a real, genuine monetary system founded upon commodity, hence gold/silver.

The real commodity-based monetary system, along w. the other, afore-mentioned, measures, will immediately dis-arm the Satanists whose fiat-currency (not "money") is collapsing.

For Christ is TRUTH (Gosp. JOHN 14:6), and the Holy Spirit is rational honesty (or honest rationality), distinct fm the Pharisaic and fake "reason" founded in deception, subjectivism, and lies (JOHN 8:44). "Faith," properly understood is merely LOYALTY, and is not a substitute for that precious, God-given reason, but reason must ALWAYS be tempered w. HONESTY--which is what's most missing presently, esp. in Vatican and present empire of LIES.

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