Friday, November 6, 2015

Gentiles DOOOOMED until and unless they adopt necessary wholesale methods against Jews, satanists....

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Fools, Scum Diverted, As By Style, Failing For Substance
(Apollonian, 6 Nov 15)

No, sorry puke-ball, no chance, stupid punk. Try again, fool: if the FTS equipment was on the plane (which still needs absolute verification, one must note), then ZOG WOULD be responsible if the planes struck--get it, fool?

And yes, we understand quite well the vids of planes hitting are totally phony, etc. Don't like "kiddy hissing poison bit"?--then don't read it, moron.

We know the main pt.s--"it's Jews, stupid," and question is what will people now do about these Jew psychopaths and monsters?--CUT THE CRAP ABOUT THERE BEING "GOOD JEWS"--there's no "good Jews" anymore than good psychopaths, or good Christ-killers.

Easiest, simplest way, in concept, though still not in practicality, evidently, is to deal w. all the Jews and sympathizers in whole-sale fashion; let God choose who's a "good" Jew, ho ho ho ho

And this whole-sale method will actually be adopted eventually, of necessity, only question being how many poor, stupid gentiles will have to bite proverbial "dust," before folks grasp sublime monstrosity of kikes, foremost satanists and then the necessity of whole-sale method.

So presently, immediate problem, as we see, is the scum and puke, failing for the Jew-issue, diverted, as by stylistic issues, and especially the MORALIST fallacies, which are well-used by Jews and satanists to continue their merry way, as we see.

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DreadnoughtNovember 6, 2015 at 5:40 AM

Even if the equipment was on the planes, it would be of no consequence if the planes were not in the air that day. Are you really here to enlighten or just to vent spleen? Everyone except you seems to be a moron to you. Are you aware of how you sound? If you have any truth to share do it without all the little kiddy hissing poison bit. Any chance of that? Cheers Allan Powell

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