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Don't forget: the CHURCH is foundation of society, AND military defense thereof....

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Take back the churches.
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The Church, Foundation Of Society, Military Defense Thereof
(Apollonian, 30 Nov 15)

Yes, like our hero and exemplar, St. Constantine the Great. BUT we must have a SIMPLE, easy-to-understand philosophy/religious doctrine, Christ = Truth.

Easy thing, to start with, is like unc' Adolf, to (a) anti-satanism, (b) Jews leaders of this satanism. Christian truth vs. satanic/Jew lies.

And note above isn't just made-up; it can all easily be referenced, as I've done numerous times. Gosp. JOHN 14:6, Christ = truth; JOHN 8:44, Jew lies, liars.

People have to be able to (a) simplify things so others can grasp/understand.

(b) BUT, also, they've got to be able to defend and explain these simplifications, ready w. the references.

And of course, Jews and their buddies will ALWAYS lie lie lie lie lie lie--esp., for example, upon the simple def. of "Jew."

There's NO END of lies that Jews and cohorts will do, and Christian soldier simply must be able and willing to duly contend, in Christian fashion, w. these lies and lying.

Ultimately, in strict philosophic terms, note it's those who defend the objective nature of reality (Aristotle), basis of truth, VERSUS the subjectivists, who insist there is no objective reality, that reality is merely what u WANT it to be, affected by one's consciousness and mentality.

And the pretext to subjectivity is fallacious, Pharisaic, non-existent "good-evil" for children, which Jews want to preserve, further induce, and enforce, so they can dictate to goons and fools who are willing to be OBEDIENT, hence "good," according to kikes.

Thus Jews will always insist upon perfect freedom of will (subjectivity) AGAINST the determinist objectivity in which there is no perfect "freedom" of will in a world of absolute cause-effect.

And never forget, the HONEST (Christian) people who heed to objectivity, hence determinism, no "good-evil," and non-freedom of will, are ALWAYS out-numbered by the childish masses of goons who are induced to seeking "good." Such are the conditions of reality and society the Christian soldier and patriot must grasp and understand.

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